Relax & Lounger

The Indonesian tropical teak wood is indeed a hard kind of wood. It is not easy to fell even with a strong chainsaw. But it is this sturdiness that had been retained in the series of teak wood relax and lounger provided by However, the crafty Indonesian artisans had also added their crafts into the bare teak material so that customers now can find the furniture as softer and more comfortable furniture that make relax and lounging sessions memorable moments.  Just pay a brief look at the series of Steamer Chairs, Adirondack Chairs, Lengkung Chairs, Decking Chairs and more and what will be visible is only valuable assets and investments.

Because all people wish that their tense body totally relaxed and refreshed when they are lounging, the Indonesian artisans had designed these relax and loungers with attentive eyes toward the human structure. The result is furniture that is not only durable and capable of battling against rain, heat and fungal growth but also comfortable piece of artistry. The back rest reclined in appropriate angle while for the version with arm rest the arm rest had been designed to give the arm the most comfortable position when lounging at the garden, pool sides and beach sides.

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