Get the most precious relaxing time through our best folding chair, Miami, stacking, Avignon chair, garden chair, banana, half moon, java chair, reclining chair, five position, dorset and many more. We only use the finest materials from the top quality teak wood from Indonesia which offer the highest durability against the heat and rain. The finest materials make them stay in their good shape for years and thus they are worth buying. The teakwood is taken from selected forest in Indonesia with special technique in cutting the wood.

All of the products are engraved by our best artist in engraving teakwood materials. The beauty on each product can only be created by persons with high sense of art. The furnishing is soft and thus it is comfort even though it touches your sensitive skin. Simply put them in your outdoor patio, front yard or backyard as the best part to enjoy your morning tea or enjoy the moon and twilight. Find the most elegant set to suit the theme of your home decoration. All products are created affordably, so that you will be able adding the charm of your home without pondering on dollars you spend. Make your home the best nature to cohabit with our teak chairs.


Lenong Deep Seating Cross Table Teak Teak Cross Deep Seating