New Items

Innovations are endless. Creative people with creative minds and actions are abundance in this world. They are the people who make our world better place to live in. stands right beside them and gives them the best available channels to make the world knows their fresh furniture ideas. Based on the potentials that are provided by Indonesian quality teak wood, the artisans and manufacturers work day and night to create better and innovative furniture design, style and construction. Each week, adds new furniture, made by Indonesian finest artisans, to its already rich collection and presents the new creation to the world.


While innovations are abundance, the artisans have kept some basic principles when they were working. Because all arts and utilitarian things are made for the audience and consumers, these artisans worked hard to satisfy what all consumers wish from any furniture: sturdiness of the construction, the aesthetic pleasure provided by the design and style, the seamless finishing, the practical benefits and the cost effective commodity. With that in mind, they created diverse kinds of teak wood garden furniture which are showcased under the New Item Garden Furniture. Sometimes consumes may find experimental but it is guaranteed to work on every outdoor setting.

Lenong Deep Seating Cross Table Teak Teak Cross Deep Seating