Custom Design

Wood furniture collections in the latest catalog or furniture store display may offer you beautiful designs of furniture and other home decorations. On the other hand, the disadvantage of wood furniture produced from factory is not all designs or sizes of the furniture offered suitable for some home living spaces, for example for apartment or other purposes like hotel or restaurant. In the present day, most anything that customer’s want for furniture and home decoration is possible. It is including custom design furniture that customers wished for their home living spaces. Custom design furniture will be fitted to the space and suitable for the purposes.

Teak Garden Indonesia helps all the customers that need custom design of wood furniture, especially made from teak. Teak Garden Indonesia specializes in translating the concepts and designs from customers into beautiful and attractive furniture, whether it is very new design of furniture or develops from previous designs. Teak Garden Indonesia, which is an established furniture manufacturer, has many years of experiences of understanding customers’ needs and choices.  We will be of assistance for all the customers to improve all custom design furniture desired.

Kinds of projects for interior and exterior designs in the hotels, resorts, restaurants or villas need custom design furniture that matched with the concept made. You do not have to be an experienced designer to order custom-made furniture. We will assist you in creating beautiful custom design furniture. We give the best of us from the initial process to the final production process, which is including high quality control of custom design furniture ordered.

It will be easy as you call or email us the picture of furniture. You are able to send us your custom design furniture by contact us or addresses and number available in website. We will quick response your email to help you create custom design furniture.

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