Teak wood material is still required as long as teak furniture industry is still on going to produce finest quality of home living furniture. It is needed to plan a sustainable plantation to fulfill the requirement of wood material. Sustainable teak plantation brings benefit to not only the manufacturers, but also sustaining soil resource.  Rapid plantation growth and frequent harvest would take soil resource out during logging and plantation establishment. It may remove all soil nutrients in harvested logs. Sustainable plantation program is purposed to manage the soil also, beside to keep the availability of wood resources. Finest wood is produced only from fertile soil.

Sustainable Teak Plantation

Besides the benefits mentioned before, sustainable plantation is able to manage pests and pathogens, in order to produce only finest wood. Pest and pathogens may reduce productivity of trees, so it will not produce any finest quality of wood for manufacturers. Moreover, the program is included also to breed improved varieties of finest wood. The research if developing varieties adapted to challenging climates and environment, and with improved wood properties for higher value.

The program of sustainable plantation is purposed to solve the negative effects of deforestation, such as flood, landslide, the availability of clean water and others.  As we know in the past, people cut down the trees as the wanted as the material is widely available in the forest, but today it should be manage as we have been knowing how the negative effects of deforestation. Therefore, sustainable plantation is the best solution in order to carry out the requirement of teak furniture industry, particularly in Indonesia.

Sustainable Teak Plantation

As a responsible teak furniture manufacturer, Teak Garden Indonesia is using only teak wood from teak plantation. The material is guarantee of its quality as Finest wood produces finest quality of wood furniture also; therefore, customers will suit for what they purchased from Teak Garden Indonesia. Sustainable plantation, as mentioned before, is one of the company policies in order to contribute in natural preservation. By harvesting wood from sustainable teak plantation, no wood from the forest are cut down.  We are able to keep the world better by choosing appropriate wood for home living furniture.

(August 23, 2013)
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